Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm Sorry... It Might Have Been Me...

Wishing for the snow, that is.

I know Randall doesn't love it.

And by tomorrow, when there's a chance I'll have to drive in it, I may be agreeing with him...

But for today, I'm just loving the snow.

The first snowfall in The Field is an awe inspiring thing of beauty.

So pretty.

Especially when one can watch it falling outside from the gas-fired comfort of one's new red love seat on the inside.

It was a good day for watching "Love Actually".

And baking bread.

And eating soup for supper, even if it came from a can.

I think he may have even pulled out the Christmas decorations for me. I might get started on that tomorrow afternoon.

Snow... lights... fire... cup of tea...

A perfect almost December evening.


  1. The pictures Randall posted were beautiful! And you watched Love Actually?! We almost watched it the other night, but it was too late/we were too tired. Next week. When Marc's papers are done and the mice poop is all gone.


  2. We are still brown here but I turned on the outside lights in honour of the first week of Advent.

  3. yes, I know what you mean...I sat down a wrote a poem it so inspired me! Seriously a perfect day.( ..maybe not so if I had to be out driving in it).