Thursday, December 10, 2009

With A Little Help From My Friends

Looks like I am typing in French again... I keep hitting the right combination of keys to activate the alternate carriage on the keyboard here... of course by accident- so I am not sure how to change it back. We figured it out once, but I have forgotten by now! I will give it a try. If anything looks weird, well, you know why.

MOPS is over for the year.

2009, that is.

It will be nice to have a long break until the January meeting.

It well really well again, from a kitchen perspective. I am SO getting whipping cream in cans next week when the kids start coming home. Hot chocolate or Cinnamon Dolcé cappuccinos with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles or cinnamon (question mark) VERY fun!

(the question mark looks like: É . This is why I wrote it out...)

The pretty treats from Vanessa, Vivian and Elnice made the day. My (nearly) famous Snowflake Sugar Cookies went over pretty well too.

I enjoy being the Hostess. I think itès (oops... apostrophes come  out like that...è...) a way to love people- feed them well.


I have a few recipe requests to fill, some things from this morning to put away yet and a keyboard to figure out.

This would be a good time to practice my French, though...


  1. I understand the feeling that a way to love people is to feed them well. That very much reflects my feelings and my boys are the recipients of that. Have you ever studied the love languages? I think "acts of service" is one of my top languages, and cooking/baking is one of those expressions.

  2. If you figure out how to switch the keyboard back please let us know! I do it accidentally from time to time and the only solution is to cut and paste the characters I need or restart the program. I'm pretty computer savvy, but this one eludes me.

  3. Well... it seems to be fixed, and I'm not sure if it was hitting "Alt" and "Shift" on the left, or hitting "Alt" and "Alt Car" on the right, or shutting Safari down and restarting it later or a combination! I did "google" it, and one suggestion was to do the "Alt Shift" thing on left side... whatever it was, it seems that many people get French by accident, and it seems to be fixed.

  4. Your snowflake cookies were definitely the best...great to look at and very delicious!

    As for the 'French' thing goin' on, thanks for the info cuz I seem to do the same thing once in a while and can't figure out how in the world to fix it! Now I know...I just have to remember...