Tuesday, January 19, 2010

And Another Thing

Although the jingle resonates around in my brain long after the commercial is over,

And although I agree that "when it's real you know it's real",

I can't help thinking that I'd almost prefer to know that the patties they're frying/grilling/charbroiling up were frozen for transport as soon as they were formed.

How is it possible to take a cow to the packing plant, turn it into ground beef, ship it to wherever they make Wendy's burgers and then off to restaurants all over the country, and be certain that the patties will have no bad bacteria unless you freeze them?  Even if all the meat patties for all the fast food joints in the district are freshly made at the meat packing facility... could you guarantee purity of the product if  your meat patties are "fresh, never frozen"?

I don't know...


  1. I've wondered that too.... I've only had one hamburger at Wendy's years ago (like 10) and it didn't agree with me! Maybe we're onto something!!

    Two for four MAMA BURGER!!!! (that kills me everytime!! LOVE it!!) LOL...

  2. I wonder if perhaps they get in the frozen ground beef and form the patties at the stores (or at least locally) - then the patties could be labeled as "fresh, never frozen" even though the beef has been.

  3. I have a fear of fast food burgers. But if I'm tired enough and hungry enough, all reasoning goes out the window. I think the stuff isn't even food. It's just edible. And hopefully we still live. lol.