Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's A Date

My "procedure" is booked for March 22.

(don't you think "procedure" sounds much less stressful than "major abdominal surgery requiring you to refrain from doing anything for the following six weeks"?)

They'll let me know the time when it gets closer to the day.

I should be good to go again in about 10 weeks.

I got the call yesterday, but having missed it, finally caught up with the O.R. booking agent today.

First pre-op blood work is done, I've an appointment with the Anaesthetist  next Tuesday, followed by the  pre-op clinic & second blood work  the week before the "procedure" in March.

And then


Still just over 4 weeks of anticipatory nerves, but I'm pretty sure they'll go fast.

And I'll be just finished the clay class, so surgery and recovery won't mess with that, AND I should be ready to face the world again- well, drive and carry suitcases, by the end of April in time for the Annual Conference in Calgary. AND this won't interfere with travel plans for my Nephew's wedding in Victoria, so I can go ahead and look for a cheap flight for that.

It's a relief to have a date.

Even if it involves intravenous tubing and sedation instead of dinner and a movie.


  1. Ah, the last line in your post made me laugh. :) You've got a good attitude about it all and I'm sure it will all go well and hopefully will put you back on the road to health and energy. At least you have four weeks to make meals to freeze so you all will have something to eat post-surgery. :)

  2. What what what!? Make meals to freeze?
    Shush! It will give the men ideas!

  3. I don't think it will be good for you to carry suitcases in April - maybe never again. :) Take advantage of the small good parts that come from the surgery.

    Really though, I am glad you have a date too and will be praying that all goes well.

  4. Good luck, Lauralea! Will be praying for you.

  5. Glad you've got some certainty about dates now. Thinking of you...

  6. This brings a flood of memories back for our family...the many thoughts of "finality" ....of "never again"...of "too young"...etc. etc.

    My prayers are with you for sure, Lauralea....and you'll feel so much better afterwards.:-)

    It may be a good time for Randall to begin beefing up for the many luggage-carrying events coming up!!

  7. Please tell me that "refraining from doing anything for six weeks" does not include FB Scrabble.

  8. Oh, no! Never FB Scrabble!

    Just no vacuuming, cooking, cleaning, ironing...

    I anticipate 4 solid weeks of sleeping, Scrabbling, reading, watching old movies and general sloth.

    So, no worries. Facebook Scrabble is still on... although, I expect there will be a couple of Scrabble free days, but just until I can sit straight again. :)

  9. I'm pullin for you! My neice has just passed her 6 week mark of her hysto. She's in her late 20's and has suffered from endometriosis forever. Talking to her today I noticed energy and upbeat words that I haven't heard for a long time from her. Having much less issues and positive health will be a blessing for you, too! Will keep on prayin, dearie!

  10. You are in my prayers, Lauralea. I had to have this surgery in my 30's, and I always say it was the best thing I ever did. Honestly, my life began after that surgery. Didn't realize how truly crappy I'd been feeling until I found out how good a person can actually feel! I wish that for you - the feeling good part I mean. Be sure to follow the 6 week do nothing rule. Even when you think "I feel fine" - don't give in to it and start with the cleaning, cooking, etc. You really need that healing time. All the best, and I know God will walk with you through it all.