Thursday, April 8, 2010

I Was Good Until I Sneezed...

SO not a good idea.

The bits and pieces seem to be holding together, but MANOMAN that hurt.

Time for sedation or just a cup of tea?

Cup of tea it is...

Zen time, I think.


  1. Rest is good... check in on you in a couple of days.
    off to Melfort!

  2. Owie. Good thing it's not hayfever season yet.

  3. I remember the pain of those sneezes...oh my!

    You maybe need to borrow Ken's 'heart' pillow he was given after his heart surgery. Now his sneezes and coughs...they really hurt. He used the pillow to buffer the pain a bit.

  4. When one part of the body hurts it all hurts. Now just don't laugh and sneeze - that would be a killer.

  5. Yikes!!Sneezes and coughs are hard to take when your innards have been hacked in two...or three...four...whatever...

    Hang on tight next time. The pillow deal is a good one!

    Take care luv.....

  6. Oh...and the "not laughing" bit that Linea mentioned, isn't that like telling a clown not to clown around...:-) Poor you...

  7. Glad you didn't hear a POP! splat kind of sound, and that you're holding together OK.

  8. Yes the pop is not good, been there-done that:(