Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dare I Say... I Think I`m Ready To Go...

And I have done it again...

Pushed the proper sequence for switching the keyboard to French...

So what I was going to write, I will continue to write, but with weird punctuation...


I`m flying off to Victoria tomorrow.

I plan to be away for a week, during which time I expect the HOT, hot weather to be gone, and  more livable temperatures to be in residence.

I don`t worry about leaving The Guys on their own, as we`re just a week past the 6 week post-surgery mark, and I have observed them being fairly competent as far as cooking, cleaning and generally looking after themselves goes.

It will be nice to hang out with my friend and her family.

And it looks like I`ll get to touch base with Johanna before I head home next week.

I`m not taking my computer along, so if I don`t have access to wifi I`ll make an effort to check my email on the computer there, but I mayn`t take time to play all my Scrabble games.

Just a heads up there.

Time for one more suitcase check, and then to bed.

See ya in a week.

Unless I miss you too much.