Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

So if 6 Ikea frozen meatballs is a serving and equals 85 g,

10 meatballs should be about 142 g.

This means that each meatball is about 14 g each.

Therefore, if a bag full of Ikea frozen meatballs is 1.13 kg,

There should be 80 or 81 meatballs per bag.

If I can expect to feed 15-20 junior and senior high youth... does that include the staff?... and if I figure on 8-10 meatballs per person (judging by what my family eats when we have them)

That would give me 8 actual servings per bag...

So the four bags we bought would give us 32 servings.

Perfect. That should be TONS of meatballs.

Even for hungry teenaged boys.


There's 6 cups of rice, cooked before I went to town this morning, and another 14 in the rice cooker...

If I do one more rice cooker full that will give us 40 cups of cooked rice.

That should also be plenty.

Two bags of frozen peas... five loaves of French bread...

The question remains

How much Sweet and Sour Sauce will I need to make...?

...if I double the recipe for us, a cup each of brown sugar, white sugar & vinegar plus one and a half cups of water... and that makes enough for meatballs for 4 or 5 of us... and you'd want about a cup of sauce per 10 meatballs per person...

Excuse me while I get cooking.


  1. That's pretty impressive! I only had one Jensen boy for dinner last night (he wasn't the main course, he sat at the table with us). But I did find two new recipes at 4:30 and had them ready for 5:30. The dessert was especially delicious.

  2. There’s 6 cups of rice
    five loaves of French bread…
    4(0) of cooked rice.
    3 of Sweet and Sour Sauce
    Two bags of frozen peas…

    That should also be plenty.

    All you need to finish it off is a partridge in a pear tree.


  3. Arggg! The partridge! I KNEW I'd forget something!

  4. i love the mathematical side of cooking, figuring out how much it will take for my fave recipes to feed a crowd :)