Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen

Is what I started singing after he blew out the votive candle that precariously perched on his (Ikea) cinnamon bun this morning.

He cocked his eyebrow at me & I explained that while there are several 16th birthday songs out there, most of them seem to have been written by creepy older men who have been waiting somewhat impatiently for the object of their obsession to reach the magical age of sixteen (& of consent, presumably, back in the day).

At least all the Sixteenth Birthday songs I know.

So I transitioned to "Happy Birthday to you", and watched him get halfway through his bun before I had to confirm that we had, indeed heard the bus.

Of all the days for it to be early, eh?

My last glimpse of the Birthday Boy was of him running across the yard, open backpack flapping, disposable hot beverage of (at least) his favourite Starbucks tea raised in one hand.

His father woke up to shouts of, "You've lost your cinnamon bun! And some of your homework!" (as these items were bounced out of the open backpack while he ran for it)

On the bright side, his day can only get better, right?

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