Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's Not Easy Being Green

Or brown, for that matter.

I'm sure that's what the little bird who just took a run at the kitchen window thought...

When he realized that it wasn't an opening to a bright new world,

But rather a 5 inch opening that ended in a screen-backed dead end.

I heard a squawk, some frantic fluttering, more squawks, and ran into the kitchen to see a bird-shaped blot hugging the inside of the window while two little clawed feet scrabbled for a foothold.

At least it wasn't stunned enough to stay flapping at the glass when I opened the window wide enough for a panicked get away.

Crazy birds.

1 comment:

  1. We had a Jackdaw come down our chimney, break through the register plate and then fly round the livingroom in a panic, leaving large amounts of droppings and a few feathers. It seems they've been nesting actually IN the chimney, and he somehow fell down out of the nest.

    Jackdaws are substantial birds, mostly black with large, sharp beaks and a muscular strength like a small bird of prey. One of the cats was initially interested, but thought better of it, and Chris panicked a bit, trying to get the bird out, but at the same time afraid of it. There's something very Hitchcockian about a Jackdaw. I got home within 5 minutes of her finally getting it through the window. Guess who had the bucket, sponge and surface cleaning spray honours?