Tuesday, August 10, 2010

War Wounds

The mosquitoes didn't get me.

In fact, they weren't too bad after all.

I picked raspberries for about two and a half hours, and have twenty-four cups, in various increments, safely stowed in the freezer. That's besides the ones we had with cream for supper, and the three or four cups in the fridge for muffins and cereal.

I don't think I got any Mosquito bites, but I should have worn the jacket, in spite of the heat, to save my arm- which is mightily scratched up from the bushes.

It was a productive, if tiring day. I even managed a couple loads of laundry before hitting the neighbour's garden in pursuit of fruit.

Fruit Pursuit.

Has kind of a ring to it.

But I digress. Must be the effect of the sun and the heat.

Tomorrow's project is to get a prescription refilled, which could well be more onerous than two and a half hours in hot, scratchy bushes.

(My doctor is on holiday until two weeks after I run out of meds. Instead of being able to phone in and have him write up a new prescription that I could just pick up at the front desk, I have to go wait at the clinic as a "walk-in" patient so someone else can write it up for me.)

I'm planning to get there well before the 11:30 walk-in start up time, but there's no telling how long it will take.

Ah, well.

In brighter news, Son#1 is coming for a visit. We'll pick him up in Edmonton tomorrow evening. It will be good to see him.

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