Friday, September 3, 2010

Must've Travelled Far In My Dreams

Because I think I had a bit of jet lag this morning.

Although, I'm sure there are other reasons for waking up at 6:15 at my age. 

A quarter of an hour before the alarm was set to go off.

As it is, it's not quite 8:45 and I've made (and cleaned up) breakfast, prepared and packed a school lunch and sipped down two cups of tea.

... and checked the balance at the bank, and stalked all my Facebook friends, and made a play on 6 of my current Scrabble games, and started the beans for supper, and run the dishwasher through a rinse cycle...

Incidentally, if you type "run the" (as in dishwasher) too fast and it comes out "runt he", it's hard to catch because both of those are real words and it doesn't get a "spell check" line under it...

I could go have a shower. 

Or go back to bed. 

Or do any of a number of other chores, I'm sure. 

But bed is starting to look pretty good again.

Maybe just for a nap...


  1. Well that phone call decided me. A friend is dropping by in 45 min with some cucumbers from her garden. Shower it is!


  2. Oh how I miss those days, I could have really used a lazy me time morning... Monday - Friday is great but ....