Sunday, October 3, 2010

And If The Internet Behaves...

I may just write something here before I go to bed.

I think I'm about ready for the Pastors & Spouses' retreat.

The duffel bag is pretty much packed, and the "don't forget" list is ready to be checked in the morning, and I have mostly got my head around tomorrow as far as when I should get up and what I'll do & the order in which I'll do it before we leave around ten o'clock.

All that remains is the actual putting down of the Ipod and chasing sleep for a few hours.

I feel like there's a lot to catch up with here, but it's been pretty busy since I got back from Ontario.

Soon, my dears. Very soon.We'll make us a big pot of tea and sit down together for a good old session, and get caught up on all the news and happenings from here in The Field.


But not tonight.

Sleep well, my pretties.

1 comment:

  1. And then you'll be off to the land beyond the great pond before you know it.