Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Softening The Blow

It came!

I am a friend of the sister of a most inspired poet

And her second book of published poetry just arrived in my mailbox.

Lauralea Friesen
Mistress of the Field

Inscribed by the author with a hope that I enjoy the Vs.


She is so clever.

I've read only the first four poems since I opened the envelope upon arriving back to the warmth of the front entrance since fetching the mail fifteen minutes ago, and I'm already entranced and right hooked.

Vs., by Kerry Ryan. Poems.

A poetic diary of her amateur boxing adventure. "Part instruction manual, part rationalization Vs. is ultimately about the fights, both mental and physical, we all must confront." (from the back cover)

And today, when the snow is dusting the ground and swirling down from the low hanging skies, was a most perfect day to receive "something to curl up with on those cold winter nights." A gift that warms the harsh reality of our first wintery day into something more bearable. Less bleak.

I will enjoy!

Thank you, Kerry and Jen!

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