Saturday, January 29, 2011

Another Different Saturday

But I'm beginning to think that there's no such thing as a not-different Saturday; and maybe that's alright. Maybe a regular, usual Saturday becomes tedious and predictable.

We had a sort of Saturday rhythm for awhile, though, it seemed.

Saturday meant sleeping in a bit, then watching a couple of favourite British shows on BBC-Canada while we had our bacon and egg brunch. A little clean-up in the kitchen by yours truly while the Alpha Male of the family popped over to the office to go over things for Sunday.

Saturday afternoon was a lazy procession of  tidying or catching up on Internet things before working my magic dans la cuisine which would likely be followed by some lounge time with the knitting and a movie until bedtime.

Since before Christmas there has been no real Saturday routine.

Maybe that's the new routine.

No routine is the new routine.

As per the new routine, today was pancakes and sausage, followed by stitching up a ripped pocket in Randall's coat and a load of laundry, a batch of buns for supper, and an errand to the church.

Now there's a shirt to iron, a suitcase to get from the basement, soup and maybe a cobbler to make for supper to go with the buns...

Another different Saturday.

The whole week will be different again, starting with tomorrow when I'll be missing church to take Himself to the airport.

At least Micah's new semester starts on Tuesday, so after another different Monday we'll at least get back into our weekday routine.

A slightly relaxed weekday routine compared to last week. I tend to get a little lazy when Randall's away.

Good thing he's only gone until Friday night.

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