Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Day Is Over, And I Don't Owe It A Thing

Considering it was 1:30 am by the time we got to bed after making a run to the Edmonton train depot, and the merciless alarm went off promptly at 6:45 am.

There wasn't even a lot of lounging about today, in spite of a Cary Grant mini movie marathon on TCM.

I stripped the beds, did three loads of laundry, remade the beds, baked two loaves of bread, made a good slow cooker supper, talked to a pregnant daughter for awhile, made two dozen chocolate chip cookies, did the typing for the Pre-teen lesson tomorrow afternoon, ironed the pillow cases, did dishes, tidied the kitchen...

I have not checked my Scrabble games (which have mysteriously disappeared from my Ipod Scrabble App...) but it's only just past 10:00 pm, so there's time for that before bed yet.


...the longer I sit still, the sleepier I get...

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