Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Think Of Me

I'm as helpless as a kitten up a tree,
When you leave the shower head crooked, 'cause I just can't quite reach
When you're short, life's no beach

By the way,
When you're in the kitchen and you see a stack
Of things from the highest cupboard could you please put them back?
It's not that I'm slack

But you're tall
And you've got me by a good foot and a half
Less two inches, but who's counting?
I digress, and you laugh
Me? Daschund. You? Giraffe

Every day
When you're putting things away please think of me
Who can stand under your armpit and could just touch your nose
If I stretch on my toes*-
When you put things down low, well it just goes to show
That I've been on your mind, and that you're being kind

Think of me.


  1. *Poetic license has been taken in this farcical account. I don't think I can actually stand under anyone in my house's armpit...and Micah only has me by a foot and a half plus one inch at last count. It's not really so bad. Mr. Foot-and-a-half-plus-2-inches has long since stopped putting the toothpaste on the top shelf of the medicine cabinet, (well, that's not strictly true...he still keeps his there. We just have our own toothpaste now, and I keep mine on the counter), and The Tall Ones are quite good at putting things away so I don't have to pull out the ladder. This was just a bit of fun I thought of the other day.

  2. And the first "second" verse that I left out because by the time I was finished it didn't fit the theme anymore:

    Think of me
    When you walk by dropping things on every shelf
    That I spent three snow days cleaning, just don't think of yourself: I'M NOT THE HOUSE ELF!


  3. I'm sure hallmark could reproduce this on a card with a poignant picture - there must be some short persons day or something that they mark....

  4. You are too clever for your own good. I love it.

  5. I do sleep right beside you and after weeks of failed different placement efforts for the showerhead, you could just roll over and tell me where to aim it.