Saturday, January 8, 2011

Today Has Taken A Turn

I only half believed the forecast yesterday.

They've threatened major dumps of snow a few times since the beginning of December, so it didn't surprise me to go to bed with no flakes in sight.

By two o-clock this morning, however, things had definitely shifted.

You know how, even without glasses, even in the dark, a snowy sky has a certain... fuzzy look?

By the early hours it had that look. A quick peek out the front door confirmed the white stuff.

The next time I looked, a couple of hours later, it was fuzzier than ever.

And so today has taken on a different shade.

A whiter, lighter, fuzzier shade of snow.

We've cancelled the drive to Camrose for the January quilting class, and this afternoon's shower is up in the air.

Falling to the ground, so to speak.

We'll see how the morning progresses, but as there are Winter Storm Warnings in effect, and as the predicted snow is indeed falling, it might be safe to expect the 10-15 cm they were suggesting.

I'll soon start chopping leftover potatoes with a view to frying them up to go with eggs and bacon for brunch. I can aim to gather the remaining troupes to eat at 10:30 or 11:00, instead of closer to noon, as it would have been had we made it out to quilting.

Cozy inside, with the fire looking warm and cheerful, is definitely preferable to attempting snow drifts and hills on the way to town.

I'm glad it waited for this weekend so the Christmas travellers could get home safely.

Oh, yes.

Very white.

Very bright.

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