Sunday, March 20, 2011

Almost Ready, I Think

I managed to get the sewing and baking that I wanted to finished.

Well, most of it, anyway. Enough to be content with.

The bags are mostly packed and things are almost tidied up in the house.

Except for driving through the mountains at this most unpredictable time of year, I'm looking forward to getting to the Lower Mainland.

Can't wait to see that little Norah.

Ah, well. I just thought I'd check in here quickly before we take off in the morning.

I still have to assemble all the bits and bobs that need to be packed, and I need to get to bed early so I'm not a complete wreck tomorrow.

Night, all.

Hope your week is as full of love as mine will be.


  1. Have a wonderful time!!! Travel safe and give J, N, and N a hug from me. :)

  2. Glad you got there safe and sound! The pictures are wonderful.
    Will be thinkin' of you lots as you say good-bye tomorrow. 'Can't imagine how tough that will be.
    Safe travels home.