Monday, March 14, 2011

Looks Like A Perfectly Dreary Day

Not as cold and wintery as it has been, but sort of dreary in a miserable, wind blowing, branch waving, cloudy sky, spring kind of way.

I'm still deciding if I'll have another cup of tea and finish reading my book

Or go back to bed.

The incessant yawning would indicate the latter...

This week's long to-do list would suggest the former, replacing the book with the sewing machine or the oven.

Still... it was mighty hard to get up this morning...

Maybe a compromise. Tea and book now, nap later!

She said, knowing how unlikely it is that she will take a nap to stop the yawning.

Tea first anyway.

We'll see how the day unfolds.


And the rain Micah's weather app predicted has started.

The day grows ever more dreary.

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  1. Ahhh the Monday morning feeling... :) Sympathy from here.