Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Not Sure Of Boiler Fixer Protocol...

Being unsure of Randall's position- prone or supervisory (he and Micah were up quite late trying to get the pilot light under the boiler to stay lit and thus ensure less than frigid temperatures in the house during the night, and he was going to try to have a nap before his next meeting),

But realizing that the Church Chairman is also here to see what's going on with the heating system,

Do I remain available in the kitchen,

Or can I safely vacate the visible premises and go do my own thing, which would include a belated shower...


I'll wait until the extra five pair of shoes at the front door have been filled and walked back to their respective vehicles.

I'm sure I don't look as hideous as I feel.

(besides... once they have the heat properly restored and are gone, the bathroom will be a warmer room to be wet in)

Sheesh. For all the yawning I'm doing you'd think I'd also been up half the night fixing the boiler.

OH! I hear the pitter patter of big ol' feet on the basement stairs. They must be done.

Let the day properly begin.

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