Friday, March 4, 2011

Some Days I Think I Should Get A Job So I Can Get Paid For All The Hard Work I Do

But MOST days, I'm glad I don't get paid for what I do...

Kind of like how God's grace is giving us what we don't deserve, and God's mercy is not giving us what we do.

Yesterday, for example, I did the laundry and cleaned all the grease splatters around the stove, and reorganized the kitchen counters and the silverware drawer. I vacuumed the main floor, and did a bit of pre-cleaning in the shower and bathtub preparatory to the re-sealing that was going to be done.

I made breakfast and lunch and a good supper...

It was a productive day.

Today is not looking quite so profitable, and would be one of my more normal days.

Things I did get done include my quilt block for class next week, muffins for Micah's breakfast and another batch of muffins to use up the very brown bananas... I'm dressed... I started curling my hair... I took a package of wieners out for supper... I started tidying the sewing room...


Some days, I think to myself that if I were monetarily compensated for all that I do, I'd be financially viable.

Most days I have a proper grasp of reality and know that in my "work" I am happily suited to my creative personality. Where else could I meander through my days sewing a bit here, baking some muffins there, sitting at the computer for half an hour boring the Interweb with my rambling thoughts? What other vocation would offer me the freedom to use my domestically inclined talents in random ways as the mood strikes?

It was different, of course, when the children were younger and they were the focus of my labours.

But, I must say, that having done the time, having committed 22 years to Stay-At-Home-Mothering, I am thoroughly enjoying semi-retirement. I look forward to my 50th birthday in 2013, when I am hopeful of officially becoming a Retired-Stay-At-Home-Mom.

It's nice that retirement from active Mothering is coinciding with the advent of active Nana-ing.

As for now,

I believe I suggested we should have supper at 5:00...

So I should go decide what will become of those wieners...

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  1. I hear you! I get the joys of being a split personality - there are my "stay-at-home-mother" days, where I do all the things you listed, and then there's my "I'm-a-nurse" days where I do all my nursey things. I give a grand nod in your direction, though, for listing the fact that you are "dressed" as one of your days' accomplishments. It is an achievement I sometimes reach myself. Sometimes.