Monday, April 4, 2011

I Wish I Were Bored

I look forward to waking up some morning with the realization that I have no lists to work my way through, no pressing deadlines, no imminent undertakings to organize, no trips to pack for, no company to prepare for... just a whole lot of nothing looming on the horizon.

I'm forgetting what that looks like.

April is particularly busy- I've known it would be, but now that it has begun, I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed.

Every weekend in April is booked.

At least, every weekend except possibly the last, but that one morphs into May, so maybe it doesn't count.

It's all good busyness, but even good busyness takes a toll.

I'll just have to jump each hurdle as it comes and try to breathe between jumps.

To give you an idea...

...I have two days to get ready to fly to London, Ontario for the Annual Conference with Randall, which flight leaves at 6:30 this Thursday morning, meaning we have to leave from home at 4:30, which means I'll have to be up around 3:30 to be ready to go... we get home again next Tuesday, and then I'll have maybe two days to get ready to drive to Sexsmith, Alberta, just north of Grande Prairie, for Hillary's PRBI graduation and Bachelor's party... we'll be home again on Monday giving me about three days to get ready for a possible houseful of Easter/Birthday (mine) company... and the last week of the month includes MOPS, I believe, unless I've got the dates wrong again...

I'm looking forward to a stretch of boredom.

To a whole week or two of nothing but coffee dates and lunch appointments because I've got nothing urgent that I should be doing...

An uninterrupted stint of movie watching and knitting...

A long period of languid leisure...

...Hold fast the dream.

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  1. good dreams! ... going to miss our coffee catch up at the mtg this weekend... enjoy!