Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Numbers Game

In an attempt to lose weight, get my A1C blood glucose numbers down (..."7" is the magic number: below 7 is alright. Above 7 and we are concerned. In March I got 6.9. Still fine, in spite of assurances from me that I've been constantly testing high...), and feel better generally, I've been walking a minimum of 3 miles a day.

Every day.

Since Mother's Day.

(Except for two Sundays that I had to be at worship practice before 9:00, and a day off that was starting early and would include mall walking.)

I say, "In an attempt..."

Yesterday I got the results from last week's blood tests.

Although my iron is back up a bit- Ferritin was "38" at Christmas (a far cry from the "5" a year and a half ago) but had slipped to 31 in March,  my A1C also went up to 7.2.

In spite of the walking.

And sweating.

To top it off I've maybe lost almost 3 pounds, depending on the time of day and the condition of my bowels.

Besides which I've been fighting a losing battle with Tired and Cranky.


I got another poke yesterday to see what my thyroid and electrolytes are doing. I'll phone the Doctor's office later this afternoon to see if there are any results yet. It's summer time and I don't trust them to automatically let me know.

"Don't stop walking, though!" he said.


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