Friday, July 8, 2011

Walking Is My Life

Not in a "walking is my life because I LOVE walking" kind of way,

But walking is my life in that I've been feeling like walking and the treadmill overshadow my day.

I've kept at it (*cue the cheers, gold stars and pats on the back*) but I can't say that I'm enjoying it any more than I did when I started in May.  Until a few days ago I was maintaining my goal of walking three miles a day by splitting it up- two miles in the morning, then one (which often turned into 1.25 or 1.5) in the evening.

The split walking was working, in that two miles at the 3 mi/hr I've worked up to only takes 40 minutes, and wasn't too daunting a prospect.

This week I thought I'd try to do it all first thing in the morning to get it over with.

NOT loving the change.

Besides that it takes an hour to get 'er done, I've felt like I'm starting the whole day on a half tired footing.

I'm just grousing, I guess, and I'm sure that in a week or so three miles in an hour will feel like nothing.

Until then, I guess I'll continue to dread the walk. Especially when I have a morning appointment, necessitating a very early rising to get the treadmill done before the rest of the day starts.

At least I can walk.

Could be worse.

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