Tuesday, August 9, 2011

So Ends Peacock Summer

I'll miss her funny little face peeking in the windows and her bobble-headed trot across the grass as she runs for cover in the bushes. I'll miss throwing her bread from the back deck and whispering sweet nothings over the rail.

Bonny, the Peahen has been captured and removed to a safe place with no highway access.

Silly bird. I hope she settles in well and is happy.

Now for Clyde.

He, the Peacock, is still at large. With the Missus in custody, the chances of catching him too have probably increased.

Fingers crossed he's home sweet home and safely snuggled in before the season progresses much further.

The beginning of the end of an era...


  1. ... he's out in the trees getting ready for the night and he calls for her... it's such a sad sound as the sun is setting behind the church...