Sunday, October 2, 2011

So Many Words, So Little Time

I think I'm nearly packed for the Pastor's and Spouses Retreat this week. Just the morning things to go in.

More difficult than packing to go, is prepping the house to leave. Kids coming and going while we're gone means the fridge got cleaned out so they can see what's there, and towels and sheets have been washed so they'll be comfortable until we get back.

Some of the little niggling things I was conscious of forgetting have actually been remembered and done.

I really should have made a list. I'm much better with a list. I remember things with a list.

Unless I lose the list.

Besides the retreat this week, we're in transition again. Well... our children are in transition, which gives us a feeling of transition even though we're not physically transitioning... our emotions are in transition.

Hillary's plane landed safely at Gatwick Airport; I'm adopting a "no news is good news" mindset, since she'll be feeling her way for the first bit, and might not have immediate access to the Internet or a computer. Her year with the All Saints Sisters Of The Poor in Oxford, England has begun. (You can google that to find out where she is and get a hint of what she might be doing.)

One grown child in England, another grown one in Montreal, a third in Vancouver... if there was ever any doubt, the pigeons have flown the coop for sure.

I'd better go finish up here, so I'm in bed before midnight for a change. Not much fun for Randall if I'm snoring all the way to Banff tomorrow...

Let's see... take the chicken out of the freezer for Micah's supper tomorrow... do the online banking stuff... get the apples up from the root cellar... refill the glucose monitor strips... make sure my purse is packed... pick a book to bring along...

Bed will feel good tonight, if I ever get there...

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