Friday, December 16, 2011

What A Difference A Day Makes

I think it was almost more work putting away Open House than setting it up. It would have been less work if I hadn't been distracted by the state of the pantry for over an hour... but that room has been driving me nuts for a few months already, and I couldn't bear to just throw the extra tortilla chips and crackers in there without cleaning it out first.

And so the kitchen has been reclaimed, one more time. The pantry has been de-cluttered and tidied up nicely. The extra cookies have been divided up for various things this weekend.





But, there is peace in it all, and we had a really good evening with the cider and the snacks.

Randall will show me (yet again) how to post pictures here so I can show you my very fun, latest adventures in pottery. You can have a sneak peak over at His Blog, if you like. (I am particularly thrilled with the three coloured squarish bowl, the cheese plate and the cactus candlestick)

I think today is over, even though it's just gone 8:00.

Bed will feel very good tonight.

As does the clean pantry and kitchen.

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  1. You have done some beautiful work. Homemade food and handmade pottery. Can't get much better can it?