Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Well... The Jury's Still Out

Blood work results today.

If I didn't have an appointment with the Diabetes Educator in a couple of weeks, I might be actively looking for a new doctor tomorrow.  We will go over my "numbers" then; today I'll take the doctor's "everything's good" to mean that I don't have to give up bacon and eggs to save my cholesterol, and that Christmas didn't kill my glucose levels.

Ah, well.

I guess I'll live.

I'll make it look like I am, anyway.


  1. Can you confirm for me, then, that Diabetes Educators manage your management of your diabetes better than doctors? We have some really wacky orders from Dr.'s re: residents at work and I keep wanting to beg for a referral to the D.E. to see if she would manage them better OR is that out of her scope of responsibility? Curious.

  2. I suppose it depends on the doctor. Mine doesn't seem to be totally up on things. I've been to the Diabetes Educator twice now, third appointment coming up in February; I was driven to finally go when my blood sugars were rising and my weight started sliding up. I was frustrated by my doctor's (non)approach. Anyway, the Diabetes Educator understands what food, exercise and medication are about and how they interact. I'd say use your common sense; the Diabetes Educator can't hurt and might make things better. It's hard to admit/believe that our medics don't know everything. We want our doctors to be infallible, but they're not.

    I guess the short answer is that yes. My Diabetes Educator is more helpful with regard to managing my diabetes than my doctor is, at this point.

  3. often the docs take suggestions from the diabetes nurses.... it is true...

  4. Where we get frustrated in the one particular case is with the knowledge that the doc will probably NOT agree to the referral nor her advice. He has his own ideas about managing this fellow. The fellow is relatively not interested in/capable of managing things more carefully and his insulin needs keep going higher and higher and higher and it has to stop somewhere; I've never given such high doses of insulin in my life. Anyway, thanks for the chat/info!