Friday, February 3, 2012

Another One Of Those Days?

Not like the last one, where I couldn't sleep half the night.

Nearly the opposite, in fact, as I, atypically, closed my eyes just after midnight and didn't open them again until the alarm alerted me to the fact that it was time to get up.

No... one of those un-self-motivated  days.

I got a few things crossed off my list yesterday, and seem to have crossed off the will to do anything remotely productive along with them.

It's a good thing there's A Guy coming to look at a water thing at the house this morning, or I'd likely sit here in my pajamas until it was time to go to town for my coffee date.

As it is, with the knowledge that I have until 10:00 to be presentable and decently arrayed, I'll shuffle off to the shower momentarily.

Looks like there are a couple of good movies on TCM at least... if I clear off the shelf on the island I'll be able to see the TV from the stove... maybe the kitchen list items will get crossed off this morning after all...

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