Friday, March 23, 2012


Tonight was the Rosebrier Elementary School Ham and Turkey Bingo night.

Always a fun evening with loads of fun draws and prizes. Pretty much the whole Field community comes out- babies, children, grandparents and all;

One of the beauties of living in a Field Community like this.

And tonight, we were alpha and omega- first and last. 

One line and blackout bingos.

Turkey and ham. 

Not to mention 3 pounds of chocolate bunny (good neighbour and dot-sticker-under-the-chair prizes), and plush cow & frisbee (entrance ticket stub door prizes).


Easter dinner has been nicely stowed in the freezer, and three one pound bunnies have been put on ice to await their fate, be it the chopping block for chocolate chunk cookies or death by melting for an Easter fondue. 

I'm still shaking a little from the excitement.

The large coffee I found myself drinking after the last ham had been won (by Himself) is probably not helping... 


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  1. Fun evening! Sounds like an event where I'd like to have been!