Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Well That's Done

It was Colonoscopy day.

Yesterday's fast went pretty well. I had some help from the Diabetes Counselor to get me through the liquid fast and colon cleanse. I was advised to take my meds as usual, and then consume about 15 grams of carbohydrates every hour. Except for maybe two little peaks when I drank too much apple juice, I was able to keep my blood sugar fairly steady.

Today was harder; complete fast from midnight, and I wasn't finished the procedure until just about noon. So, twelve hours. Once I got to the hospital I was less worried about it, and once the IV was put in it was better.

Anyway, one miserable fasting day at home, one miserable fasting half-day at the hospital, one IV, a little sleep and it's done.

I'll get a more complete report next week when I go see my doctor for prescription refills, but initial indications via the ward nurses are that everything went well and there were no surprises and nothing to be concerned about.

I expect to sleep a little better tonight than I did last night, all things considered.

I shouldn't have to do that again for awhile now.


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