Thursday, May 24, 2012

On Second Thought...

I didn't go along to Edmonton.

While I was falling asleep last night and pre-constructing the day in my head, he was rearranging things to accommodate more shopping time for me.

So, this morning when he came out ready to go with a new plan to drop me at the mall between his appointments, I'd already decided to stop running from the dress I cut out last week and stay home to sew.

Also I was tired from all the driving and worrying about restaurant food on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Almost I regretted my new decision.


It IS, though, another cloudy, cool day in The Field, and Radio Classics is cued up on the Satellite Radio, and the windows in the sewing room will be opened a crack to let in the lovely, fresh smells of the country in the rain and the cheerful chatter of the birds. There's a turkey in the freezer that's waiting to be plucked from the frozen depths and popped in the oven for supper, and at least two more cups of half hazelnut coffee in the thermos.

Edmonton... home...


Good decision.

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