Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tomorrow Is The Last MOPS Meeting Until Fall

So, you know what MY day is looking like.

For the last MOPS (Mothers Of Pre-Schoolers) meeting we usually try to send them into summer with a good creative activity (crafty thing) and enough inspiration and encouragement to get them through to autumn.

And food.

A special brunch or, as in the case this month, lunch is also in order. 

My day, then? Will be a flurry of preparation. The menu: baked potato bar with chili, a vegetable platter and cheese biscuits. Brownies and fruit platter for dessert. Coffee, tea, and iced tea to drink.

There are two of us making the chili. I got mine done yesterday evening and as I don't have a 9 quart slow cooker, I put the big pot in the oven at 250*F overnight. When I'm ready to start baking brownies I'll take it out and crank up the heat. Also on the to do list today is homemade iced tea, washing about 70 potatoes and pre-baking them, and getting the dry ingredients for the biscuits mixed together.

That's all.

I will also think through the menu and make a timetable for tomorrow so potatoes get crisped up, biscuits get baked and chili gets reheated all at the right time in the morning.

But preteen class is done for the summer, so if I get on a roll I don't have to take a break at 3:30. 

Planning and organization. 

My watchwords for the next two days.

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