Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Memories Are Made Of This


It was two weeks ago today that our #1 Daughter brought her #1 Daughter to visit.

A week ago yesterday I drove them to Saskatoon so she could catch up with family and Prince Albert friends.

I got home from Saskatchewan in one piece three days later.

Yes, I will admit I took a wrong turn just west of the Battlefords, but I maintain that I was following the road signs and wasn't as lost as people here seem to think I was. I was planning to go the way my Husband directed me to go when he found out I was in Wilke and not Wainwright. I was certainly a little curious as to why the distance sign directly after I turned off Highway 40 said "Camrose 302 or 304 km", when I figured on being there in just over an hour... but in spite of turning south instead of continuing west, I got to where I was going with only a two hour detour. Let's call it The Scenic Route.

I got my first senior's discount in Saskatoon. I took Mom and Johanna out for lunch the day I started for home (via Prince Albert), and when they brought the bill it was for 2 senior buffets and one adult. I'm still processing that one.

My favourite part of the drive out to Saskatchewan, and maybe of the whole visit, was when Norah was having a hard time getting comfortable in her car seat and Johanna asked her if she should sing. Magical.

I love you so dearly, I love you so clearly, I wake you up in the morning so early...The littlest birds sing the prettiest songs...

It was very good to have them here. So fun to get to know the nearly year and a half year old Norah. She's changed and matured so much in even the four short months since we saw her last, and her Mom is just such a good Mom. I can't begin to express how proud I am of the excellent job she's doing. Motherhood suits her, and she makes it look effortless.

The house seems pretty quiet again, and I haven't had the heart to put the toys back in the basement toy box yet or to move the high chair back to the garage. I've been tripping over balloons that Randall blew up for The Girl to play with, but I'm not motivated to let the rest of the air out of their shrinking masses and throw them away. I'm back to baking glutendairyegg-free for one again.


Happily, I'm booked for a one hour rejuvenating facial massage tomorrow morning. Maybe the best door prize I've ever won.

And if I don't stay up until midnight, the morning will be that much better...

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