Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's Too Cozy And Autumnal To Be Motivated To Work

On some levels, I'm feeling the Mama Bear hibernation-inclination steeling over me, and I'm getting a little "nest-y"... There's a need to root through the cupboards and clean out the shelves; to de-clutter and prepare for a long winter indoors.

But on other levels, the cool, misty, rainy day is pulling me toward a hot cuppa and a curl-up-in-a-chair book session.

So far the irritation with cupboard jumble is winning out, although I just spent half an hour standing in the kitchen, gazing at the cupboards and drawers in an effort to determine the optimal storage set-up. Maybe not as fun as Sudoku or Scrabble, but an exercise for the Little Grey Cells nonetheless.

Maybe I'll give the kitchen a rest and go switch the sunroom around... I went through there yesterday- sorted the cookbooks and wiped a goodly amount of dust off the shelves. I tried to downsize the cookbooks... but was only able to eliminate a couple. I gave it the old college try though, really I did. Our evaluation of the tidied and reorganized room was that the two parts needed to be reversed; breakfast table in the corner and hemp carpet with reading chairs in the middle. 

Yeah... maybe I'll switch that up. 

Here's hoping kitchen inspiration will strike while I'm busy elsewhere. 

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