Friday, October 5, 2012

And Now I Know

When it's Pastors and Spouses Retreat in Banff, and we leave in the morning from home and stop in Cochrane for lunch, because we thought we'd take the scenic route,

And I'm eating lunch and digging out my diabetes meds, and I realize with a cold shock that I don't think I packed my little pill holders for Tuesday and Wednesday,

Well, now I know what I'd do.

I'd use The Husband's IPhone to check if the Safeway in Banff has a pharmacy, (it does) and I'd get dropped off there while He goes to check in at the hotel. I'd pull out all my personal ID, prepare to give blood if necessary, and explain my predicament to the Friendly Safeway Pharmacist. She'd say it will take about twenty minutes to transfer my prescription from Wetaskiwin, and Bada-Bing, Bada-Boom plan B would not be necessary and life would go on.

Oh me oh my. Middle aged brain farts and all.

Plan B was to be grateful I'd brought extra test strips because it was looking like I might have to just vigilantly monitor my blood sugar and kind of graze my way through the weekend, carefully keeping my sugar at a safe level. 

I'm glad Plan B didn't have to be implemented. Also glad we went with the Safeway Pharmacy when we moved here four years ago. 

I suppose, to be honest, Plan B was actually Plan C, and Plan B would have involved taking a detour back through Calgary to the first Safeway Pharmacy we could find to get the required drugs. 

The kicker is, that when I realized with that cold shock certainty that I had not packed the four little clip together pill boxes that I had removed from the stack to bring along, I remembered putting all the fragments back together and setting them on the shelf in the kitchen to leave the counter tidy.

The retreat was pretty good, after all. Is it sad to say that the highlights, besides a couple of good conversations, were supper at Ticino, (the Swiss restaurant in Banff that has become one of our favourite places to eat), and the almond milk latte I had on Tuesday afternoon at Evelyn's Coffee? 

So, I know now that if I DO forget my meds, life will go on. 

I also know that sometimes if you ask, you can be surprised by a delicious hot beverage- steamed, flavoured and all.

And now to the vacation preparation.

Oy vey.

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