Thursday, December 20, 2012

Countdown To Open House 2012

7:00 am is maybe not a great time to be writing in a public space.
Especially not after a 5 hour night.

I've been waking up around 5:45 and having tea with The Boy before he leaves for work in the morning. Yesterday I made him a waffle and then went back to bed. It was kind of a lousy morning of restless, less-restful sleep. 

This morning I decided to try the other way- staying up and getting some work done, and then having a nap after lunch.

It started off well... but I'm starting to fade. Maybe sitting down to check my email and do some Facebook stalking wasn't such a good idea. I should have just eaten my breakfast, finished off my tea and proceeded to  the basement bathroom to begin the Open House Cleanfest. 

Yesterday, in spite of myself, I got all the baking done for Open House on Friday, here in The Field, from 2:00-9:00 pm., (she said suggestively). I thought of simplifying things this year, and just making cinnamon buns, but cinnamon buns quickly turned into cinnamon buns plus orange buns, and two kinds of rolled, sweet buns for an undetermined number of people does not simplification make.

So, I went back to cookies. 32 dozen, if I count the failed batch of gingersnaps. 

I thought that if I got all the baking done on Wednesday, I could do all the house cleaning/tidying on Thursday, and then have a nice, relaxed morning decorating and setting up the actual food and drink on Friday. 

We'll see. It's a good plan

As long as I can stay awake...

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  1. Enjoy the open house today! I've been thinking that it must be about time for that! I understand the "getting carried away" part about baking. It took extraordinary self control to do a small amount of baking this year and to be content to stop even though I could easily have carried on.

    Have a wonderful time tonight! Malmo will enjoy another Open House festivity! Wonderful tradition.