Wednesday, February 20, 2013

As The Boy Rests Up

From his wisdom tooth removal this morning, I'm cooking up a pot of The World's Best Rice Pudding for him.

He seems to have come through the surgery alright. I've got him resting on the spare bed in the sewing room with a couple wads of gauze sticking out of his mouth, and Sirius Radio Classics for company.

It wasn't as bad as he thought it would be, which is what I was praying for. This was just four unhatched wisdom teeth, and had it been a horrific experience it would be hard to convince him that the jaw-moving surgery in a year and a half is worthwhile.

So, this milestone is soon behind us. I don't think the three days of required rest will be a hardship; what teenager doesn't like an excuse to lay around watching television or playing video games?

I am glad it's done.

I'm glad we're home.

I was glad to see Randall coming with a Tim Horton's coffee to hydrate the last half hour of my waiting room waiting. Honestly- I kind of thought there'd at least be complimentary coffee. You'd think at that price it would've come with a cup of coffee or tea...

Ah, well.

Looks like phase one of the rice pudding is nearly complete. I'll go refresh my cup with King Cole tea and put the sugar, vanilla and cream in the pudding.

Yes. It will be absolutely delicious.

And No. I won't be having any.

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