Sunday, February 3, 2013

Let The Games Begin

So, while Himself  is off to Midwinter in San Diego The Boy and I will be holding down the fort. At least as much as his working schedule and my planned activities will allow.

We talked about me going along with him, but when I concluded that I'd pretty much be on my own, what with his meetings and workshops and all, I decided that I'd have just as good a time at home. My own comfortable bed, my own kitchen to deal with the stressful food issues, and my own neighbourhoods to amuse myself in.

Besides... I figure the airfare that we saved will go a LONG way toward some fun around here this week.

I imagine the evenings will have the most potential for loneliness, but like I told Randall: "I'll imagine that you're down in your radio room, and then it won't feel too lonely."

Looking at the weather forecast, I'm thinking Wetaskiwin and maybe Edmonton tomorrow, then Camrose on Tuesday. I've got a couple coffee dates set up for Wednesday, and it's looking like a spa day on Friday.

I don't imagine I'll have time to be lonesome.

Tonight I might get a game of Canasta out of The Son when his Superbowl is over... and while the satellite dish has been commandeered  I'll listen to some Radio Classics via Sirius Radio channel 82.

It'll be a fine week. Quiet, I'm sure, but as busy as I want to be.

I've got money in my pocket, a tiger in my tank and I'm king of the road again...


  1. You play canasta?! Did I know this? We'll definitely have to play sometime... maybe tomorrow night after my kiddos are in bed???

  2. Maybe so! What time do the kiddos go to bed?