Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tripping To "Little Britain"...

I've been working on a shawl. For myself. I think it will be only the second thing I've finished knitting just for me since... ever... besides the pair of mittens I finished before Christmas.

Anyway, when Hillary moved on she left a partial ball of brown/red variegated wool to go with some plastic canvas projects she was working on. She left the plastic canvas projects as well, but I particularly liked the wool, so I decided to make it into a long shawl that I could wrap around Old School.

I bought a ginormous ball of dark brown wool to go with it, and then made up a pattern: 14 rows of "wrap wool around, knit two together", to make 7 rows of holes, with 10 rows of seed stitch (a row of knit one, purl one followed by purl one, knit one) in between. I did the holed rows in brown and the seed stitch in variegated. It looks pretty good- even with the extra patterning done just in brown wool at the end when the coloured ran out. I was able to convincingly pick up the cast on stitches at the bottom and knit backwards to match a few rounds of pattern in plain brown.

So, I'm almost done. I've been thinking of what I can wear with it to church on Sunday. Maybe not this week, which will need to involve something more green than brown, but I think it's nice enough to take out in public.

I was thinking yesterday that every time Randall came through the kitchen I was sitting in my comfy chair watching television and knitting, and it put me in mind of the Wheelchair Guy in the British sketch comedy show "Little Britain". This is a guy who has a care giver who thinks Wheelchair Guy is crippled, but every time Caregiver Guy turns his back, Wheelchair Guy jumps out of his chair and does ridiculous things.

Today has potential to be much the same. Although Himself has observed me predominately sitting and placidly knitting for two days, I've done laundry and vacuumed and cleaned bathrooms and tidied the kitchen and done dishes and taken out trash, and paid bills and sorted out orthodontist financing... between relaxing, if obsessive knitting sessions.

Time to take a break for lunch.

To be followed by more knitting, I suspect...


  1. You should post a photo of your shawl when you are done :)

  2. Indeed, even if we're nearly 2 weeks in.