Friday, May 24, 2013

The Reluctant Gardener

I almost got the garden in before the rain this weekend.

That is to say, this morning in the rain I planted a row of cucumbers, nine beefsteak tomato plants, two cherry tomato bushes, a green pepper, a red pepper, some carrots, radishes, dill, summer savory, sweet basil, chives and a mixture of lettuce and spinach for salad. Today was the beginning of a weekend of rain, so hopefully they'll get nicely moistened now.

It was like England out there this morning. Almost like Iona- with the wind in the leaves sounding like surf, and the clammy ten degree air, and the rain...

It was pleasant, even if I did forget that my muddy over-sized rubber boots would make a mess on the patio, and I got soaked and chilled to the bone. Not sure if it did my chest congestion any favours, but we'll see...

It's not a very big garden, and it looks a little sparse at the moment... but I'm sure it will fill out when everything starts to grow. Unless the deer take notice and think it's a new salad bar created solely for their dining pleasure.

I'm hoping it goes undetected by the local wildlife so I can make pickles and salsa and tomato soup in a few months. It's not the planting and weeding that gets me pumped up as much as it is the processing and cooking of what's grown. I love watching things sprout and grow and ripen, but I really love making those things into other delicious things.

And I'm excited that I got it done before the rainy weekend.

The sunroom windows will be a good place to watch the garden grow.

And also yell at marauding deer.

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