Monday, March 3, 2014

Wherein I Miss February

Let me clarify: February is over and I missed it, if my lack of blog presence is any indication.

February was cold compared to January which had, if memory serves, an average temperature of -.8 C, or some equally ridiculous number. That being said, I don't miss February. I just missed it.

And now it's March.

Once again in like a polar bear. Out like a penguin? Let's hope not. I'd trade the polar bear for a lion or a lamb any day of this week. Or last week even, truth be told.

March brings with it two weeks of grass widowhood while Himself avails himself of a travel opportunity to Israel and Palestine.

I had been looking forward to a couple of weeks of solitude and adventure, but my friends are expressing enough concern for my solitary well being that I'm wondering if I've underestimated the quiet and should, in fact, be a little nervous...


It will be good.

Although this IS the first time in 27 years, I think, that I've been completely on my own while he's been away...

I should warn all y'all to phone or text before dropping in so I can be appropriately garbed. And put the kettle on. (That thing about the kettle was just to distract you from that thing about the garb. We gave ourselves a Keurig for Christmas, which gets you coffee or tea lickety-split. I've only boiled the kettle about 3 times since December.)

Meanwhile, back at the Starbucks where wifi roams free and the steeped tea thaws the frozen phone-finger-typing fingers, I shall go check my email and Scrabble games once more before returning to the barren field (why did Apple autocorrect "barren" to "naren"? What's a naren?!) and the ailing Internet and windswept vistas.

And the packing.

How glad am I for the lovely friend who offered to drive Himself to the airport tomorrow morning? To catch the 6:55 am international flight? Which means leaving at about 4:00? Very, very glad.

It's been a good last day together, and I fully expect we'll both have a fabulous first two weeks of lent.



  1. I don't think you missed much, but maybe in your honour, just so you don't completely miss the trip into the deepfreeze, March is showing a bit of its lionishness. Next year don't jeopardize the little gentle lamb showing up early!

    Hope Randall has a fabulous time and that you enjoy your time alone too.

  2. Enjoy the gap, and may your hearts grow fonder instead of becoming over-comfy with singleness.