Friday, December 22, 2017

Oh, Yeah. Merry Christmas.

I think that I'm ready for Christmas,
I've done all the things I should do...
And so, with impeccable timing,
I've caught me a Christmas Break Flu.

I'm shuffling around in pajamas,
I'm aching, and fevered, it's true.
My nose is much redder than Rudolph's
As I cough, sneeze and wipe what I blew.

I feel like I just did this last year-
I've got very strong "deja vu"...
There's way better Christmas traditions,
Than wrapping things up with the flu.

I briefly considered the arctic
Surely the bugs there are few!
But I read that ice doesn't kill microbes,
So there's just no escaping the flu.

I will wish you a bright Merry Christmas,
And the Happiest of Years that are New
But if you respect my condition,
Keep it down, while I'm nursing my flu.

1 comment:

  1. Ilove it ! Not the fact that youre sick but that the guck coming out of yournose isn`t "gray matter" !! Well done !