Thursday, July 14, 2005

Mosquitoes Are...

(according to the Google Web Definition...)

Members of the family "Culicidae".

Insects that have a pair of scaled wings, a pair of halteres, a long slender body and long legs.

Blood-sucking females.

Smaller than 15 mm (0.6 inches) long.

Only 2 - 2.5 mg (0.03- 0.06 grains) in weight.

Able to fly 1.5- 2.5 km/hr (0.9-1.6 mph)

Very old, having been around since the fall of man.

The church youth group braved the wind.

They dealt with the rain and the thunderstorms.

They are home a day early because of a tiny, eensy, weensy little flying insect. A thing so small that it can't fly in the wind or the rain.

They were ultimately beaten by the mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are...

Living proof that there is strength in numbers.


  1. I wonder in a perfect world if mosquitos would exist? Or would they only buzz and not bite? Or maybe just bite the bad guys - yeah, that sounds good to me. Oh, but there would be no bad guys in a perfect world.

    Oh yeah, and what would the bigger bugs and bats and fish and such eat?

    Maybe it's a good thing I didn't design the system!

  2. As I read this blog I noticed a strange sensation in my leg as if some creature was trying to extract my life source. Now there is one less problem in the world to worry about.

  3. I didn't really mind the mosquitos all that much. They were bad, but whatever. I was beaten by low morale and pessimism.