Friday, July 15, 2005

Bond, Mom Bond

The adolescents came home a day early from camping.

Hillary was a little bummed out, so I suggested she take a shower and she could go with me to the mall where I wanted to look for a certain book.

So, we did that.

As we were leaving, though, Micah poked his little face out the back door (hmm, that could account for the mosquitoes in the house last night...) and, looking particularly lost and pathetic, asked if he could come too.

Hillary said, no! We're bonding.

Micah continued to look quite woe-begone, so I said we could do something tomorrow morning when the others were sleeping. (yeah, it's almost 11:00 and they haven't shown themselves yet! )

So from the time he, (Micah) emerged at 10:00, until the present time, he's been pestering me with, When are going to bond?

Part of me feels compelled to remind him that we had ALL WEEK to "bond" while the others were camping.

Part of me would like to remind him that he chose to spend most of that time "bonding" with his out of town friend!

Part of me wonders what we've been doing when he's been here, if it's not "bonding"!

But, I think I'll just go fix my hair and make-up, find my bra and change my shirt and make up some errands to run.

At least he's always good company!


  1. doing dishes together....good bonding.

  2. You're a good mother.

    Did you find that certain book you were looking for?

  3. Tell him to try epoxy resin.


  4. Oh Toni! LOL & then some! :)