Saturday, July 30, 2005

A Perfectly Purple Party

We celebrated our Meg's birthday last night, and I brought the cake. (Sorry about bringing our own dessert, Mr. Coffee-shop owner man. But, we did buy lots of coffee and iced mochas...)

It was a Megalicious cake- which means it was purple.

Meg likes purple, and we like Meg, so we thought the best way to celebrate her was to bring a purple cake.

What's purple? I asked Hillary.

Grapes, she said. You could make cupcakes and make them look like a bunch of grapes. Et, voila!

Two out of three kids agreed that the grape Kool-Aid in the icing (both to color and to flavor) was very good. One thought it was too grape-y.

So, Happy Birthday, Meg, we've grown to love you! Hope your Monday birthday is spectacular and that this next year is the best yet. Enjoy the heat this week, and remember it in a few months when Virginia's temperatures are taunting you!

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