Sunday, August 14, 2005

And The Beat Goes On

I'm supposed to be "on holiday" this weekend. In The City.

So far I think the fates are conspiring against me.

It hasn't been an energizing time yet.

Church was interesting this morning, but from it I gleaned four bits of advice for all you budding church leaders out there:

1. When getting someone to share, ask them to write down what they will talk about. Give them some questions to answer, and encourage them to stick to the answers. This will help keep things moving.

2. When praying for the people who have shared, and for the congregation in general, don't pray through Colossians with a 4 point sermon. For 14 minutes. Straight. Honestly.

3. Tag team preaching, (on the topic of church involvement in the daily, practical running of the organization), while it may be entertaining for your congregation, may not be totally appropriate during the peak vacation season when half of your regular attendees may be away, and half of the current congregation may be visitors.

4. The summer months may not be the best time to pursue a preaching "series"... you know, a theme, or topic that is broken down into several parts and continued over the course of many weeks. The same regular people (as above) are still away, and the same visitors are there, making for a slightly disjointed message.

It was a long morning.

BUT, we walked down Broadway and saw the remnants of the Fringe Festival, and then spent an entertaining evening at the Parents' initiating our newest Sister-In-Law in the joy of Password.

It started off rough, but ended better.

Still the question remains...

How much of a good thing, and when to go home?

We shall see what the morrow brings!


  1. you know, you could've volunteered to go home in the middle of the sermon to turn down the crock pot.......ha ha...maybe i didnt need to turn it down after all.......but I did get a good break in the middle of the service .

  2. I thought you were taking an awfully long time just to turn down the crock pot. You were probably watching CSI. Don't think I didn't regret not offering to help you! And by the by, I wasn't with my husband at the church he went to Sunday morning. I was in Saskatoon at a church that shall remain nameless.

  3. About #1/#2:

    Boy, you should see some Pentecostal/Charismatic services sometimes. It's a lot harder to get people to...condense things when they spontaneously start to prophecy or speak in tongues!

    Believe me, I've been there...