Sunday, August 14, 2005

We're Better Now...

...but last night Hillary and I had a stroke.

At least, we met all the criteria on the "RECOGNIZE THE SIGNS OF A STROKE WHEN YOU SEE THEM" fridge magnet.

*Sudden weakness, numbness or tingling

*Sudden trouble speaking or understanding speech

*Sudden vision problems

*Sudden severe headache

*Sudden dizziness or loss of balance

Hillary got a sudden migraine, which accounted for many of the symptoms, and as we were sleeping together on the futon, I conjured up the rest by trying to lie still to keep from disturbing her. The combination of stroke and next door noise, (which included running, laughing and what sounded like either someone sewing on an industrial machine or playing a video game that involved machine guns) made for a very long, restless night.

Ah, well. The coffee smells good, so I think I'll go see if a cup of it will clear my head, and if the swelling in my puffy eyes goes down I'll put on some make-up and go to church.

What's that song about wasted days and wasted nights?

I think that's what I've been having lately!

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