Tuesday, August 23, 2005

B. T. S. S.

Back To School Shopping

It really should be a four letter word.

I think we're done, anyway.

With only one child in elementary school it's getting faster.

Not sure if it's getting cheaper yet, though.

Not when your fifteen year old needs men's size 11 shoes!!!! The eleven year old is only slightly better with men's size 8 shoes this year. Where did they get their hoofs from?! Not from me, with my boy's size 4 sandals. Not from their Dad. "Dad has feminine women's feet". That was Thomas' witty come back. I said, not at all. Dad has sexy feet, which is why I won't let him wear sandals to church. He might cause too many ladies  to stumble.

Ah, well. At least the notebooks, binders, loose leaf, pens, paper, glue, erasers and duotangs are purchased for another year. There's still the nose wipe, and some trousers. I've also had requests for new boxer shorts.

And I haven't forgotten about the juice boxes, granola bars, sandwich meat....I wonder if I can afford to let them buy lunch this year...not if I do the math.

Don't forget about the school fees.  For their free education.

Back To School Shopping.

Buy Them Sexy Shoes.

Bring Thomas Several Slurpees.

Blue Turtles Shiver Slightly.

Bottled Tonic Saves Sanity.

Better Take Some Shampoo.


  1. Nothing says the start of school like a brand new pen. :)

  2. ...um...randy has sexy feet?

    I threw up in my mouth a little, but i'm okay now.

  3. What you don't know!

  4. better than stewed sausages.

  5. How about Ban The Spendthrift Students! (This from another mother who has just spent far too much on school supplies).