Sunday, August 28, 2005

Crunchy Nights and Crispy Dreams

Johanna is going away for her first bout of post-secondary school education next week, and Micah is looking to optimize the potential for a new bed for himself. If he could set in motion some Christmas vacation options for his sister, he might stand to inherit her bed- she's been complaining about her "crappy" bed for a long time anyway, so what does he have to loose?.

The other day he cautiously approached her, his oldest sister and queried, in a round-about way,

Johanna, do you like the Crouton in Thomas' room?

We knew he meant, "Futon", but we giggled at the vision of a Crunchy Crouton Cot, with a fluffy cauliflower pillow and lettuce and endive sheets that rose in our collective minds.

That could give whole new meaning to "Dressing" for bed!

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  1. I'm so glad I had kids...I'll never run out of blogging material. ;)